Greetings from the Vice Rector of NTUA, responsible for ‘Research and Life-Long Education’, Prof. Ioannis Chatjigeorgiou

Professor Dr.-Eng. Ioannis K. Chatjigeorgiou - Vice Rector of Research and Life-Long Education

NTUA is the largest technological institution in the country. It is admittedly the institution with the greatest prestige in technological education and research in the country, which is reflected in the numerous research collaborations of its members at National, European and International level. The research carried out by NTUA, both basic and applied, thanks to the efforts and dedication of its researchers, is innovative and pioneering.

It is precisely these dimensions that the recently established NTUA Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is called upon to manage, with responsibilities in the areas of intellectual property of the produced research results, the establishment of spin-off companies, the interconnection of research with the productive sector and the strengthening of collaborations with public and private bodies and real economy. NTUA should and must contribute to the development of the country with its most dynamic capital, that of the intellect of its researchers.

Our goal is to further develop and strengthen NTUA’s TTO by expanding its fields of action and by enriching its activities for the benefit of the institution, its researchers and the country.