Open Innovation Challenge “THE PELLA CHALLENGE” supported by Philip Morris International Science


We are excited to announce the launch of the international open innovation challenge THE PELLA CHALLENGE implemented by Interfima, and supported by Philip Morris International (PMI) Science.

The Challenge aims at supporting scientists, research institutions and start-ups from the EMEA region to come up with disruptive ideas, and hypotheses and to potentially participate in the process of incubating new business entities based on game-changing scientific outcomes. Furthermore, the Challenge aims at fostering new partnerships and strengthening collaboration in research and knowledge sharing between industry and academia, thus facilitating the path from scientific discovery to commercialization.

We welcome requests in areas such as։

• Innovative solutions for sustainable magnetic materials

• Age prediction

• Recognition system for module with fixed and disposable parts

• Innovative applications on fixed and disposable parts (requires NDA)

• Battery technologies (requires NDA)

• Sensor technologies, hardware and software (requires NDA)

The program will be implemented in two stages:

During the 1st stage, applicants will closely work with a multidisciplinary team of experts to elaborate on ideas and adapt for specific applications. Shortlisted feasible ideas will be prepared to be presented to PMI Science experts.

Following the results of the 1st stage, selected ideas will proceed to the 2nd stage: During this period, a detailed project plan will be developed and teams will start working on the proof of concept and prototype development.

After completion of this stage, additional funding and investment opportunities could arise for the projects deemed of interest by PMI Science.

Who can apply?

Individuals, teams of researchers, high-tech professionals, engineers from universities, scientific institutes, and high-tech companies worldwide are eligible to apply.

We are looking for applicants (teams and individuals) with strong scientific and technical background and with demonstrated ability to ideate and design a high-quality project in one of the directions of the program. The desired background of the applicants is in (but not limited to): Chemistry, Material Science, Biology, Engineering, Innovation and Technology Management, Physics, Mathematics, etc. Scientific degrees and experience in doing research projects will be an asset.

How to apply?

Interested applicants should fill in the Online Application Form that can be found online at Pella Challenge’s website and upload the following files for the publicly presented challenges:

• Project Concept (Annex-1)

• CVs of team members

For the NDA required cases, or for any other question or further elaboration you may contact us at All documents in the application package should be submitted in English.

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