Technology Transfer Office Services


The functions/services of the Technology Transfer Office fall under the following action axes:

Action axis 1: Technology and know-how transfer, dissemination of results, management and protection of intellectual property and connection to the productive sector of the country.

The first axis refers to the exploitation of research results and the researchers’, the assessment of the potential for their exploitation for the benefit of the NTUA and society as a whole, and the cooperation with relevant organisations and institutions within the country (such as the GSRΙ, the country’s Research Centers, the OΒI, etc.) and abroad. The actions included in Axis 1 are the following:

  • Support the academic and research community of NTUA in the exploitation of research results and intellectual property rights management issues.
  • Contribute to the evaluation of research results and the development of proposals for their exploitation.
  • Contribute to the recording, monitoring and exploitation of research and development activity and experience, as well as the results of the research units of NTUA.
  • Plan, organise and implement actions related to the protection, promotion, exploitation and capitalisation of the intellectual property of the Institution.
  • Support in the conclusion of research and technology related contracts (such as patents, operating licences, industrial designs, etc.) as well as the negotiation with third parties for the determination of royalties.
  • Collaboration with specialised organisations and institutions in Greece (GSRT, Research Centres, OBI, etc.) and abroad (EPO, TTOs of foreign universities, etc.) for the visibility and promotion of the research results produced at NTUA.
  • Networking with universities and research centres abroad to exploit complementarities and synergies and to monitor best practices.
  • Support to the establishment and operation of spin-offs.
  • Create links with society, the productive system and local stakeholders.
  • Support for the search for collaborators or partners to form research consortia with the private sector.

Action axis 2: Highlighting innovative ideas and promoting knowledge intensity entrepreneurial acceleration

One of the key objectives of the Technology Transfer Office is to contribute to and support the wider scientific community in its possible involvement in a business process or quasi-business process. In this context the Office offers the following services:

  • Supporting innovative and entrepreneurial ideas of NTUA’s students and researchers for the implementation of business ideas through personalized coaching in collaboration with existing initiatives.
  • Support to the entrepreneurial activity and the implementation of business ideas by members of the academic community for the synthesis of a business plan and the exploitation of their research results.
  • Design of educational programmes on entrepreneurship and innovation such as: seminars on ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’, open seminars on specific topics, skills seminars for potential young entrepreneurs (e.g., Communication skills).
  • Organisation of actions to develop an innovation mindset (e.g., innovation competitions, hackathons, etc.) within the polytechnic community and/or in cooperation with other universities and institutions.
  • Participation or co-organisation of outreach events, meetings of actors of the new entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well as organisation of information actions in cooperation with national bodies on financial tools for technology maturation and innovation development.
  • Design of actions to support the incubation of new business groups (provision of incubator support services).
  • Support in the search for funding new business ventures from available sources

Action axis 3: Support research activity of NTUA and information/training on the link between research and entrepreneurship.

The third action axis concerns the broader support of the members of the polytechnic community, the broadening of the scope of research efforts, as well as the proper addressing of topical issues related to the process of linking research with entrepreneurship and production. The actions under this axis include:

  • Identification and evaluation of funding resources to develop technology to a mature level that can be exploited in other ways, such as patenting, establishing a spin-off, granting operation licensing, etc.
  • Training activities for faculty members and their Research Committees (ELKE) on the above issues.
  • Development of databases to record and promote the research work and the level of innovation of the NTUA.
  • Utilization of NTUA alumni in the promotion, dissemination and exploitation of NTUA research results and as potential mentors.

In order to provide the above services, the Technology Transfer Office has developed a strong network of cooperation with relevant offices of the NTUA Special Account for Research Funding (such as the Legal Support Office) as well as with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of NTUA (MoKE NTUA) and the Incubator EPI.noo of ICCS/ NTUA.