Laboratory of Organic Chemistry


Teaching Activities of the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry

Mandatory courses

  • Organic Chemistry (4th Semester)
  • Laboratory of Organic Chemistry (4th Semester)


Elective course

  • Selected Topics on Bioorganic and Natural Products Chemistry (5th Semester)


Courses included in Ditrections:

Direction Environment – Energy 

Course: Green Chemistry and Engineering (8th Semester)


Direction Food-Biotechnology

Course: Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (9th Semester)


Research activities of the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry:

  • Organic and Medicinal Chemistry: Design and synthesis of bioactive compounds (heterocyclic compounds, analogs of natural products, hybrid molecules)-Bioactivity evaluation: inhibition of enzymes (LOX, AChE, BuChE, Tyrosinase), DNA binding, antioxidant activity
  • Green Chemistry and Engineering: Targeted design, synthesis and characterization of Ionic Liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES), Green organic synthesis, Development and Optimization of Green Extraction Processes, High-energy techniques
  • Nanotechnology: Development of nanosystems for drug delivery and controlled release of drugs-Physicochemical and bioactivity characterization of the nanosystems-Release profiles, mechanism and kinetic modeling studies
  • Green Nanotechnology: green solvents for the development of smart and active (nano)materials for biomedical, food and cosmetic applications
  • Materials: Design and synthesis of small molecule and macro-molecule semiconductors and hybrid inorganic/organic semiconducting systems and study of their physicochemical and electrochemical properties

Scientific Instrumentation of the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry

The Laboratory of Organic Chemistry is a fully equipped synthetic laboratory for the execution of a wide range of organic chemistry, green chemistry, nanotechnology and materials science experiments and assessment of bioactivity of organic compounds as well as for the separation, purification and chemical characterization of organic compounds and materials. The scientific instrumentation of the Laboratory includes: NMR (300MHz), UV-Vis spectrometer equipped with integration sphere, MicroPlate reader, FT-IR, Ultracentrifuge, Freeze drier, HPLC-DAD, Rotary Evaporators equipped with Pressure Controllers, Ultrasonic bath, Ultrasonic reactor, Shaker, MicroWave Reactor.


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