PRINSUS, a new spin-off company at NTUA


The Rector’s Council of NTUA, in its meeting on 21/09/2022, approved the establishment of the spin-off company of NTUA, under the name “PRINSUS Private Company spin-off” and the participation of NTUA in the shareholding structure of the company.

PRINSUS is created by Dr. Magdalini Krokida, Professor of the School of Chemical Engineering, and her team, Dr. Sofia Papadaki and Dr. Vasiliki Oikonomopoulou.

The purpose of the company is:

  • The provision of services to stakeholders of the agro-food sector, regarding innovative technologies, bio-functional ingredients, market trends, innovative products, certification processes, sustainability, funding schemes, circular economy, through automated tools,
  • The development and promotion of innovative food ingredients with increased antioxidant activity, bio-functionality and controlled release when added to various food models,
  • The implementation of studies aiming at evaluating the environmental footprint, economic feasibility and social impact of various processes and products.

Aiming at the sustainable development of innovative products in the context of the circular economy, PRINSUS aspires to provide high-level products and services in the fields of Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages.

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