Laboratory of Construction Equipment and Project Management


Laboratory Scope

  • Demonstration of construction equipment systems and components.
  • Project and Construction Management services
  • Construction equipment productivity measurement systems
  • Design and development of specialized construction equipment and project management software
  • Analysis of project management related technical disputes in projects
  • Participation in related funded programs
  • Organization of relevant conferences & workshops


I. Equipment
1Backhoe Excavator simulatorACREOS
2Forklift simulatorACREOS
3RFID system for collection of construction site dataIDENTEC (TEOTEC SA)
4Automatic weighting of excavator bladeGlobal Survey Ltd (MOBACT SA) Top Dipper
5Excavator automatic guidance deviceLeica DigSmart MOBACT SA
6High resolution camera & photogrammetry/measurement softwareSony + iwitness
II. Access of databases
8Building Cost Information SystemBCIS / Uk
9Construction Equipment Rental and Operating CostEquipmentWatch
IIΙ. Software
10Project 4DCommonPoint
12MS ProjectMicrosoft
13Construction Management Software for private & public projectsπ-systems
14Construction legislationte publishers
15Private projects monitoringCivilTech
16Construction safety trainingFRAP
17Construction measurement & monitoring softwareAlconSoft
18Volvo Site SimulatorVOLVO / TALPACK
19PC-based Simulators (Construction Crabe, Drill Jumbo etc)Simlog
20Sample Project Management Documents Method 1-2-3Method 1-2-3
21Syncro Project Building Information Management (BIM)Synchro

Selected Services

  • Expert opinion in project management technical disputes
  • Review and support in construction claims
  • Consulting for project-oriented organizations
  • Participation in Greek and international competitive programs
  • Expert opinions for international projects
  • Evaluation and further training of construction personnel


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