Laboratory of Metallurgy


The traditional activity field of the Laboratory of Metallurgy, is related to the processing of ores and minerals with the purpose of producing metallic and non-metallic materials. The laboratory has significally contributed to the promotion of Metallurgy in Greece, with the pioneering research on the LM method, as well as with the development of methods to solve certain problems related to the processing of Greek raw materials.

The topics of Environmental Management and Restoration constitute an activity field of the laboratory, which was dictated both by the growing social sensitivity and by the new legislative and technological developments in environmental matters at National, European and International level. In the field of solid and liquid waste management of the mining and metallurgical industry as well as in the field of environmental restoration of polluted areas, the Laboratory has developed intense activity.

A third field of Laboratory activity is related to the development of mathematical models of processes, the development of integrated simulation systems for the solution of mass and energy balances and the optimal design of production units and, finally, the development of expert systems for the diagnosis of malfunctions and the regulation and control of production processes.

The main activities of the laboratory concern:

  • extraction of metals from raw materials (ores)
  • extraction of metals from mining and metallurgical waste and end-of-life products
  • materials chemical composition
  • industrial minerals chemical treatment
  • addressing environmental problems associated with metallurgical, chemical and mining activities
  • Process modeling and simulation


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