Ship Design Laboratory


The Ship Design Laboratory (SDL) of NTUA was established in 1991 (Presidential Decree 199/1991, Government Gazette A’ 77/22-05-1991) and is a laboratory of the Department of Ship Design and Maritime Transport of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.

Areas of Expertise

The laboratory addresses the Study, Design, and Optimization of Conventional and Advanced Technology Ships.

Specifically, the laboratory is active in the following research areas:

  • Study, Design, and Optimization of Conventional and Advanced Technology Ships
  • Computer-aided Study and Design of Ships
  • Applications of Computer-aided Geometric Ship Design
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Ship Study and Design
  • Stability and Safety Regulations of Ships
  • Technoeconomic Criteria of Ship Design and Operation
  • Technoeconomic Specifications and Shipbuilding Contracts

The laboratory also supervises a large number of undergraduate and postgraduate thesis projects from students of the Department. Additionally, the laboratory offers to graduates of NTUA and other tertiary education institutions with adequate background the opportunity to conduct doctoral dissertations.

The laboratory organizes seminars, conferences, lectures, and academic participation in various research activities. Its members publish books and academic notes, as well as scientific articles in reputable scientific journals and international conferences.

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