Ergonomics Laboratory


Laboratory Scope

The “Ergonomics Laboratory” of the Mechanical Engineering School, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is active in the scientific areas of Ergonomics / Human Factors, Human Machine Interaction and Occupational Safety and Health. The laboratory supports the educational needs of students in the above scientific areas. At the same time, it conducts applied research and provides consulting services to external bodies, public and private. The laboratory is a focal point for Ergonomics / Human Factors in Greece maintaining collaborations with academic institutions and research centers and at national and international level for the advancement of the discipline.

Services Provided

The laboratory has expertise and provides specialized services in the following applied scientific fields:

  • Ergonomic design and evaluation of workstations and workplaces,
  • Ergonomic design and evaluation of products, tools and interfaces of human-technological systems (User-Centered Design)
  • User Interface Design / Evaluation of systems usability and user experience
  • Study of human-machine interaction, human-automation and intelligent systems interaction
  • Cognitive task analysis and evaluation of cognitive workload at work,
  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), risk and system safety assessment, safety and health management,
  • Assessment of working conditions and environmental measurements (noise, lighting and indoor climate).

The “Ergonomics Laboratory” has significant research and consulting experience with a portfolio of research and consulting projects in Industry, transportation and services domain.


  • Equipment to measure physical parameters (thermal imaging camera, infrared thermometer, noise level meters, noise dose meters, illuminance and luminance meters, RGB color meter, temperature, humidity and air velocity meters, thermal comfort measurement apparatus with specialized sensors)
  • Human limb movement and strength exercise recorders
  • Eye tracking capturing systems (on screen and glasses)
  • Eye tracking analysis software
  • Virtual Reality headset and software
  • 3DAnthropometric design software

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