Laboratory of Operational Research & Logistics


Laboratory Activities

The Laboratory of Operational Research was established in 1980 (Government Gazette A’ 38 / 13-2-1980)’. In 2022 it was renamed to Laboratory of Operational Research and Logistics (Government Gazette B ‘ 1487 / 30-4-2022) as a result of an organizational merge with the  Logistics & Transportation Unit (LTU) of SIMOR (Section of Industrial Management & Operations Research) NTUA.  The laboratory participates in European projects and international research groups and initiatives under the distinctive name, ORLOG (Operational Research & Logistics) Lab.

ORLOG, in its new form, focuses its research in the scientific areas of Operations Research and Management, Decision Support and Supply Chain Management and Logistics with a focus on sustainability, circular economy and new technologies that support the digital transition of businesses, organizations and employees in the era of Industry 5.0, in accordance with the priorities set by the European Union. Still, ORLOG also places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research, collaborating with researchers from diverse scientific fields such as computer science, environmental engineering, and economics. This allows ORLOG to tackle problems from multiple perspectives and to develop innovative solutions.

ORLOG staff participates in teaching a vast array of SIMOR courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level providing NTUA students with a high-quality education and the opportunity to participate in research projects and in internships with ORLOG’s industry partners. At the same time ORLOG designs, acquires through competitive funding instruments and implements research projects in collaboration with research institutions, businesses and organizations in Greece and abroad. It also provides high quality tech-research consulting services to research stakeholders at a national level, i.e. enterprises from various industries, governmental organizations, local authorities etc. ORLOG actively seeks collaboration opportunities with other laboratories of NTUA and other universities and research institutions, in Greece and abroad. ORLOG’s mission is to conduct cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research, producing high business and social impact and providing NTUA students with the knowledge and skills to excel in their careers.

Laboratory Services

ORLOG staff, possesses many years of experience in the design, implementation and management of research projects. Its key strength, is the ability to apply advanced scientific methods to solve real-world problems, using a variety of techniques, including optimization, simulation, and data analytics, to model and analyze complex systems and to develop effective solutions. ORLOG provides a large array of tech- research and consulting services, such as:

Supply Chain Management

  • Supply chain design optimization
  • Demand & Distribution Management with a focus on the new emerging B2B and B2C models, e.g.  drop-shipping, last mile delivery, unmanned delivery systems, micro fulfilment centres, etc.
  • Supply Chain network resiliency and their management during unexpected  disruptive events and crises.
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Supply Chain Performance Measurement using widespread methodologies and tools (e.g.  SCOR).
  • Supply chain Decision support at all levels (strategic, tactical and operational).


  • Facility  location & Layout management
  • Warehouse Management  (receive, put-away, storage, sorting, picking, marshalling, dispatch).
  • Management of Production and Material Handling Systems (Intralogistics).
  • Transportation Networks (Transportation Networks) management with applications in various sectors, e.g. energy (biomass, biofuels, biomaterials), shipping (spare parts management, container management).
  • Simulation of the operation of supply networks and industrial facilities using discrete event simulation software – digital twins.

Sustainable Supply Chains & Circular Economy

  • Design and optimization of reverse logistics networks for circular economy applications
  • Techno-economic assessment of the transition of distribution or transport systems to fleets of electric vehicles or alternative fuels
  • Identification and evaluation of   opportunities for  closed-loop supply chains and symbiotic industrial networks
  • Sustainability assessment


  • Enterprise Digital transformation – designing, planning and managing the introduction of  Industry 4.0 technologies in businesses and organizations.
  • Development of    Wireless   Sensor Networks (LPWAN) for asset/waste tracking and other applications.
  • Supply Chain Analytics using widespread and, if possible, open data processing and visualization tools, e.g.  MS Excel, Tableau Public, PowerBI, Grafana etc.
  • Development of business models supported by Blockchain solutions, e.g. food waste, industrial symbiotic networks.

Laboratory Equipment (Hardware – Software)

ORLOG has the premises, the staff and all the necessary equipment to support its research work.  An indicative list is provided below:


  • Mathematical programming and optimization software (GAMS)
  • Supply Network Simulation software using LP & MILP algorithms (Supply Chain Guru)
  • Production management simulation software (Simul8)
  • Production Systems and Logistics Operations simulation software (FlexSim GP)
  • Port and Container Terminal Operations Simulation Software (FlexTerm)
  • Healthcare processes Simulation Software (FlexSim HC)
  • PowerSim simulation Software
  • IBM SPSS Clementine Data Mining Software
  • Life Cycle Assessment Software (OpenLCA)
  • Business Game Software (Münster University)


  • Two (2) Servers that support the use of specialized software by students in the context of ‘Productions & Material Handling Systems’ course.
  • Two (2) multi-core servers to execute and solve demanding mathematical problems (LP, MIP and MILP).
  • One (1) 3D printer (Sindoh Wox DP-200) for printing small proofs and other additive manufacturing applications.
  • One (1) set of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses (VUZIX M300).
  • Two (2) unmanned aerial vehicles (Dji Mavic 2 Pro & Dji Mavic Mini 2).
  • Three (3) IoT Gateways, compatible with LoRa networks (LoRix).
  • Sixty (60) microboards, flashed – TTN ready type picotrackers.
  • Network equipment UniFi + WiFi beacons for indoor positioning tests.
  • Arduino + Raspberry PI microprocessors and laboratory equipment for their configuration.

Active Projects – Collaborations

Below is a list of the active projects coordinated and/or involved by ORLOG:

  1. Tackling Plastic Littering of Greek Beaches and Upgrading their Brand Image by Utilizing IoT Technologies and Gamifying the Recycling Experience (NSRF Co-funded Program, 2022-2024).
  2. An Integrated Blockchain Platform and a Smart Mobile App for Tackling Food Waste and Supporting Food Insecure Citizens (Co-funded NSRF Program, 2022-2024).
  3. CERESiS – ContaminatEd land Remediation through Energy crops for Soil improvement to liquid fuel Strategies (Horizon 2020), 2020-2024.
  4. Development of an innovative supply chain model to address humanitarian crises with the support of IoT technologies and drones (Co-funded NSRF Program, 2022-2023).
  5. LIFE PROFILE – Promote financial instruments for liability on environment (LIFE project), 2020-2023.
  6. Techno-economic evaluation of the replacement of a logistics fleet with zero-emission vehicles (Cooperation with a multinational company)
  7. Development of an Augmented Reality and Wearables Technology to Support the Smart and Flexible Warehouse Management of the Future (Co-funded NSRF Program, 2018-2022).
  8. Development of an Innovative Tracking System for Monitoring Plastic Packaging Waste to Mitigate Marine Littering (Co-funded NSRF Program, 2018-2022).
  9. Be Well & Green When Digital (ERASMUS+, 2022-2023).
  10. Training of employees in the Logistics sector (Industry 4.0 Technologies, digital skills development, automation, sustainable logistics) (Lifelong Learning Program)

Laboratory Staff

Dr. Stavros Ponis, Professor, NTUA, Laboratory Director

Dr. Athanasios Rentizelas, Assistant Professor, NTUA

Dr. Paraskevas Georgiou, E.DI.P. NTUA, Laboratory Contact Person

ORLOG is led by a team of experienced and highly qualified researchers, including professors, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and undergraduate students, all working together to advance the state of the art in the areas of Operations Research, Supply Chain Management & Logistics utilizing mathematical modeling, optimization and simulation techniques and introducing a vast array of digital transformation tools and Industry 4.0 technologies.

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