Vehicles Laboratory



Vehicles Laboratory educates, promotes research and provides high-level services to public and private companies in the area of Vehicle technology. More specifically, it focuses on supporting the educational needs of the NTUA School of Mechanical Engineering in subjects of the area of Vehicles at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Additionally, it develops research and relevant activities in the supported area of expertise, participating in research projects and providing service to the domestic vehicle and superstructure manufacturing industry.

It promotes all forms of cooperation with other Research Centers and Academic Institutes, such as IMET/CERTH as well as with Public Services (indicatively the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport), Municipalities, Communities and other social and scientific bodies.


Vehicles Laboratory is certified according to ELOT EN/ISO 9001:2015.

• For the provision of higher education,

• For the organization and implementation of educational seminars,

• For the organization and implementation of training seminar for personnel in the area of vehicles and transport of dangerous goods.


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